Frustration => Discouragement => Fear

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Frustration => Discouragement => Fear

Financially Stressed?

Frustration leads to discouragement which leads to fear. If you are working hard and unable to pay your bills, OR if your spouse is gone and you are now left with the full responsibility of all the expenses, realize this:  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I don’t mean that there are others in your situation who can synpathize with you. I mean literally, you are NOT alone. You just need to make an adjustment in your thinking about several things. THEN, you need to try something different.

Track Your Spending

Confused, worried and stressed about money? I’ve prepared an outline of DO-able steps you can do right NOW to get control of your money. To read the story, click the link below and find out “What To Do When You Don’t Have A Clue.”


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