Date Your Spouse

Date Your Spouse


Date Your Spouse and experience Love Renewal

From Then to Now

Can you recall your first date with the person you eventually married? Do you remember that feeling when you realized for the first time that you wanted to spend every moment with that special person? This is the ONE you’ve been waiting for and all others are quickly fading into the background like a fuzzy dream. Intrigued, you hung on their every word, trying to remember every little detail they shared about their family or dog, or favourite Christmas or best childhood memory. SO much to learn about him or her, and you can’t get enough of it.

Fast forward to the day you married. Nervous again, but not about your love. You KNOW this is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Your sweaty palms are because of the guests, and oh yes, your new parents-in-law. What are they thinking about you?


Somehow, in your worn-down moments you wonder if that strong love is still there. Yes, you both are faithful but… one (or both) of you is not “feeling the love” in the same way. It happens.

So, how can you recapture that spark you once had in your relationship? A great way to get your love life reignited is to Date Your Spouse. It starts with remembering why you were attracted to your spouse in the first place. And that progresses to finding ways of having fun together again. My Guide to dating your spouse will get you going with several Date Ideas.



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