Marriage 911: HELP!

Lost Love

HELP for Your Marriage in Crisis

Are you broken-hearted because the love of your life wants nothing more to do with you? Here’s the thing… if that person fell in love with you ONCE, it is possible to not only win them back again, but to have an even healthier, stronger loving relationship, going forward. There is Help for Your Marriage in Crisis. You will want to take immediate steps to get it back on track.

How? There are a few steps you will need to take.

Step #1

Realize that it takes two to argue. There are most likely things that were said or done by each of you that has upset the other.


Own up to your own mistakes. It starts with that. We cannot CHANGE someone else, but we can and should make changes ourselves. Examine your own behaviour, especially recent behaviour. Have you acted coldly towards your spouse? Have you shown disdain, or come across as totally disinterested? This needs to change, and IMMEDIATELY!

Step #2

Look for signs of what’s bothering your spouse the most. Maybe they have told you. Oftentimes, it remains a hidden mystery. He or she may be thinking something like: “If he doesn’t know what he did wrong, I’M certainly not going to tell him!” That kind of thinking is dead end. It can’t go anywhere. Nothing can improve. For starters, your spouse is not a mind reader. They need to hear your reasons for being upset. This should not turn into a screaming match, by the way. But your spouse cannot fix what they don’t know is wrong.

What to Do if Your Spouse Is Disinterested

Help for your Marriage starts with steps you can begin doing immediately that, when consistently done, can bring about a change of heart in your spouse. Notice, I said CAN and not WILL. This is because there is always the possibity that your spouse has EXTREME reasons for not wanting to reconcile. This is rare, but possible.

The full process of restoring a broken relationship is more involved than can be described in a few sentences here.

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