4 Steps To Preventing Love Erosion

What Is Love Erosion?

Erosion is a treacherous thing… all the while it is eating away, disintegrating, destroying, silently, subtly.

-Chuck Swindoll

Love erosion is the gradual, subtle diminishing of passion in your love relationship. Often, it goes unnoticed because it is hidden in the everyday activities of life. Love Erosion, like land erosion happens over time. There is a subtle yet continual washing away of the loving foundation on which your marriage is built. Love erosion happens when we are not paying attention. The causes can slip into your relationship, sometimes without being noticed. First, let me point out that love erosion is triggered by certain actions or reactions by either spouse.

In your marriage relationship, you have no doubt experienced times when you felt somewhat “sidelined” by your spouse. For whatever reason, you felt that you were not foremost in their thinking anymore; not the most important person in their life.

This is just your perception at the time, because of little things or duties that have crept in. It’s similar to the puppy that wants to snuggle in bed between the two of you every night. In the beginning, you think it’s cute. Then it becomes bothersome. Then it becomes annoying. Soon, you have to insist that the puppy go to his own bed. You don’t stop loving the puppy, but you need to clear up the confusion in his mind about where he belongs.

Sometimes we become so comfortable in our love relationship that we believe we are running on sheer trust and love. Yet, there is that underlying nudgy feeling that something isn’t quite right. You may not be able to put your finger on it, and from outward appearances, you tell yourself, “it’s probably nothing”, as with the annoying puppy situation. You need clarity! When you sense a drifting apart, be it ever so subtle, you need to take immediate action to discover the cause of the erosion. In a love relationship, you want to belong in the forefront of your spouse’s life (without smothering, of course). And yet, things happen that cause you discouragement and doubt as to your spouse’s level of commitment. You begin to feel that the love in your relationship is eroding, and you are worried!

I have prepared a list of 4 Steps to Preventing Love Erosion from invading your marriage. For the full story in a downloadable PDF, click this link:  4 Steps To Preventing Love Erosion



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