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When a major shift happens in your life STATUS, it can throw you for a loop! Finances are hit hard and you need to DO something to increase your income. The small business and home business industry is huge and growing every day! People are realizing that the typical model of working for someone else is not satisfying them. They are working harder and longer but the satisfaction level has dropped WAY down.

Another concern in having a typical job is the fear that your contract will not be renewed. This in itself causes people stress as they try harder to please bosses who may have an agenda that doesn’t include you in future company plans.

Frustration ⇒ Discouragement ⇒ Fear

Frustration leads to discouragement which leads to fear. If you are working hard and unable to pay your bills, OR if your spouse is gone and you are now left with the full responsibility of all the expenses, realize this:  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I don’t mean that there are others in your situation who can synpathize with you. I mean literally, you are NOT alone. You just need to make an adjustment in your thinking about several things. THEN, you need to try something different.


First, the reality that you are not alone is huge! I wouldn’t be fully helping you if I ignored this all-important fact. You need to get acquainted with the plan that God has for your life. Oh yes, there is a plan. More on that later but for now, just accept it as a fact of life — God loves you more than you will ever know and He wants you to succeed, with HIS help. Also, think about networking with experts who have been where you are right now. Mentors who can come alongside you and offer help. Much of this is free. I show you more about this in the section, Recommended Tools and Training.

Secondly, understand that no matter what is going on around you, the circumstances that you find yourself in DO NOT diminish the fact of who YOU are! You are still just as smart, skilled, talented and VALUABLE as you ever were. Do not fall into disbelief on those established facts.

Starting Over

Next, you have what it takes to make change… IMPORTANT CHANGE in your situation. I have created a list that will help you identify your own strengths and skills. By the time you finish this exercise, there will be NO doubt in your mind about what you are qualified to do! And… it’s MORE than you THINK!

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