3 Ways to Connect With Your Spouse

Rebuilding the Bridge to Your Spouse

Are you broken-hearted because the love of your life wants nothing more to do with you? Here’s the thing… if that person fell in love with you ONCE, it is possible to not only win them back again, but to have an even healthier, stronger loving relationship, going forward.

How? There are a few steps you will need to take.


Three Ways We Connect With Our Spouses

There are three ways we each connect with our spouse:

1. Spiritual – because you ARE a spirit
2. Physical – because you HAVE a body
3. Emotional – because you have a soul that encompasses emotions, personality and your will

All three of these areas must be addressed when trying to get to the bottom of where the strife lives. Here’s a hint about what your pathway will be:


If you are serous about wanting to bridge that gap between your spouse and you, take a closer look at the 3 key areas that are affected in love erosion or marriage breakdown. I have prepared an in-depth resource article that is FREE to download. Just click the link below to get this resource that includes tips, scenarios, and solutions. And to automatically receive new helpful resources, I invite you to Subscribe to my E-letter by filling in the form  at the right.

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3 Ways To Connect With Your Spouse.



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