The Geranium Kiss – Continued

How We Touch Others’ Lives

As I thought about the geraniums and how amazing it was that one could literally implant itself onto the other one, I couldn’t help thinking that this is exactly what WE DO to and with those we love. Over time and through hundreds of little encounters, we leave our imprint on them while they do the same to us. It’s the “Geranium Kiss”. To a certain degree it happens within friendship, but the strongest, most permanent attachment is with our SPECIAL loves. (You knew I would go there.)


Pale Geranium “Kisses” a Hot Pink Geranium

In any love relationship, there is an automatic exchange of ideals, preferences, personalities and humour. It starts when we begin slowly letting that other person into our lives. We show them various sides of our personality. Of course, this is for the purpose of winning them over. Sharing in this way is like favoring them with the invitation to come inside your world. You are in essence saying, “Peek inside a little further… there is much more of this good stuff to discover.”

This is an exciting phase of a relationship because of the willingness of the other person to go deeper in discovering more about you, and your desire (even longing) to learn more of them. As each person shares their little idiosyncracies with the other, it generates a lot of excitement and FUN!

From the receiver’s end, the new insights are welcomed and encouraged. So much so, in fact, that these enlightenments lay the foundation for love to develop. You are either drawn to the other person, or you are repelled by what you are learning about them. If there was repelling going on, the friendship would quickly end. But we are looking at the “Geranium Kiss” as a welcomed process towards happiness. As the engagement continues, and you each learn more and more charming little secrets, inside jokes and family sayings, you begin to feel “at home” with one another. The bond grows stronger, the more you feel accepted and appreciated. Before long, you start believing that this person, the one you are now bonding with, is worth your effort in developing a permanent relationship. And in your heart, you want the progression to continue towards all out LOVE.

Seeing YOU in THEM

With time, you will start noticing that the person you are bonding with now reflects parts of YOU. He or she laughs at the same things that make you laugh. You notice how they interject some of YOUR own little sayings and unique words into their everyday talk. It makes you smile on the inside because you feel a connection! It feels like HOME. Spending time together automatically generates more of these unique occurrences. So much so, that you both begin to feel the bond strengthening. You can’t wait to see each other again because the comforting ONEness is all important to you. 

Attaining ONEness

Continuing ONEness is a priceless treasure. It is the single most important aspect of two people growing towards each other, and growing together towards the common goal of marriage… that lifetime of ONEness. You are attaining and are part of the “US” spoken about in my page, 3 Ways To Connect With Your Spouse.

And to think… it all started with a kiss.

A “Geranium Kiss”

Let’s Stay Connected!