The Geranium Kiss

How We Touch Others’ Lives

One year ago, I noticed something unique happen with my geranium plants. I had two different colours: one was pale pink, and the other was bright hot (fluorescent) pink. I moved them around on my balcony among other potted flowers, turning them from time to time so that the sun would hit different parts of the plants.

Then one day as I was watering them, here’s what I noticed. (see picture) On the hot pink geranium, a new blossom sprouted a bud that looked strangely pale and totally different from the rest of the plant.


Hot Pink Geranium With Pale Pink Bloom

Pale pink petals on the hot pink plant! At first I thought those light petals had blown from the lighter plant and found their way over to the darker plant where they rested. But looking closer, they were not loose. That flower was GROWING right out of the hot pink plant! I was pretty excited and ran to grab my camera. I thought it was odd, but decided to wait a few days before drawing any conclusions.

The more I thought about it, the more amazed and thrilled I became! Right away, I thanked God for doing this miraculous thing. Oh yes, I took it as a special gift from Him. (He often gives me little surprises like this, and I am always thankful and happy to give Him praise.) But back to the plants.

Within 2 days, more petals of that pale pink bloom began opening and it was confirmed – this was a pale pink geranium flower that had no business growing on the bright pink plant. How did that happen?

There could be a biological or physiological reason for this phenomenon (it wasn’t birds or bees that spread seeds around; I’m on the 17th floor of my building and birds don’t come near), but my first explanation was, “God did it!

I posted the picture on my Facebook page, hoping it would generate the same kind of glee for others as it did for me. It didn’t.

A Year Later (Today)

Today, when I opened my Facebook page, there was a reminder about the geranium post from a year ago. Immediately, this thought popped into my head: There’s a lesson to be learned from this, and I know it has to do with the way we Touch Others’ Lives.

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