When Is Positive Thinking Bad?

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When Is Positive Thinking Bad?

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It’s true that each person is gifted with their own abilities, strengths and talents. It is also important to have confidence in your ability. So how can this line of thinking ever be dangerous or bad?

The danger (and lie) is in thinking that it is all about YOU, and that you are the creator of all your success. Consider this: You are gifted. To be gifted means that someone else has given you the gift. You are the mere recipient, not the originator of the gift. Where do you think intelligence comes from? If we are totally honest in searching our own minds and hearts (your inner self, your soul) we will have to acknowledge that in and of ourselves, we can do very little. In fact, where does all intelligence come from? There is only one Source, and He is God. Whether you give Him the importance due Him or not, no one can dispute the obvious. All creation came into existence through and by Him. (I’m not talking about scientific experiments that seek to clone what God has created.)


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