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Christmas ~ The Time for Love

Love Is In the Air

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, and as the special day draws closer, we notice a difference in attitudes of people around us. There is a warmth that comes through, even among strangers who become more polite, more patient. Two people signaling their intent to take the same parking spot, pause and wait… wanting that space for their own car yet not wanting to be greedy, they allow the other person to pull in. Folks just seem to be sprinkled with a dusting of love. They can’t put it into words. But on the inside, they are pleased with themselves for considering others more than they usually would. The simple ‘thank-you’ expressed to the person holding a door open, resonates between the two of them. Every radio station plays familiar Christmas music that makes us happy. And surprisingly, our memories take us back to earlier Christmases, intermingled with thoughts of loved ones who, now, are no longer with us.

There Is No Better Time

The very meaning of Christmas is an illustration of perfect love. In pondering what Christmas really means, we think back to that first Christmas morning when the Son of God came down from heaven and was born as the infant Jesus. And what was the reason for his coming? LOVE. God loves us SO much He wanted to provide a way for us to be forever connected to Himself. The only way He could do that was to give the very best He had to give, in order that we might receive ALL that He has in store for us. These blessings are not reserved for the future. They are available to us right NOW, the moment we receive Christ into our lives.

Clear the Air

Christmas is also a sad time for many people. The most obvious reason is due to loss of a loved one, and the empty place at the Christmas dinner table. There are painful circumstances that some folks must go through right around Christmas and the memories that take them back to a happier time now sting as they long for those days. My heart goes out to those folks for whom Christmas seems to magnify their pain. And although we feel extremely blessed when we realize that we are better off than others, there can still be a sadness present in our own hearts. This is when we know that something is not right. And that “something” is lodged deep down inside of us.

Forgive and Give

Unforgiveness often holds us back from experiencing real joy. We can go through the festivities of Christmas; even manage to keep a big smile on our faces. Yet inside, there is a spot of hurt. How can you fix it? Recognize the symptoms and flush them out. Pride is at the root — believing you are right and deciding not to concede to the other person. Then resentment builds up. You may reach the point where you decide you wouldn’t want to hear from that other person even if they were to call you! You are angry at them, and mad at yourself for feeling this way. It’s a vicious cycle. What can you do?

Starting is easy. It begins with YOU forgiving whatever hurt or offence you are harboring in your heart. Honestly and completely forgive that person. Let it go. And to add to your own joy, go so far as to pray God’s blessing on the person who hurt you. Jesus said, “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44)

The reason I say it’s easy is because it starts with a prayer between you and God. You can be totally vulnerable before God. He already knows your heart anyway, and He also knows your motives and the thoughts of the other person. Once you have turned it over to God and ask him to bless the person who has hurt you, watch things turn around. Even if it takes awhile to show up in terms of reconciliation, love is on the way.

Pour it On

Now, let’s get personal. If in your love relationship you have been feeling unappreciated, unloved or sidelined by your spouse, NOW is the time to pour on the love.  That’s right. YOU be the one to make the first move and show love. Even if you and your spouse are barely speaking to one another or have been struggling to get along, you can do this. While the Christmas Spirit is everywhere, you are probably already feeling more loving towards family and friends. You may be feeling sad or remorseful for contributing to hurt in your marriage. I want to encourage you to take a giant step closer to your spouse. Perhaps it hasn’t happened in a long time, but this is the time when you will best be accepted and received with love. So don’t hold back. Begin today by demonstrating that you are sensitive to your spouse’s feelings. Show them love in words and actions. Pour on the love and enjoy the flood of love that is bursting to pour back onto you!

And oh yes — have a most BLESSED and Merry Christmas!

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When Is Positive Thinking Bad?

Category : Life Lessons

It’s true that each person is gifted with their own abilities, strengths and talents. It is also important to have confidence in your ability. So how can this line of thinking ever be dangerous or bad?

The danger (and lie) is in thinking that it is all about YOU, and that you are the creator of all your success. Consider this: You are gifted. To be gifted means that someone else has given you the gift. You are the mere recipient, not the originator of the gift. Where do you think intelligence comes from? If we are totally honest in searching our own minds and hearts (your inner self, your soul) we will have to acknowledge that in and of ourselves, we can do very little. In fact, where does all intelligence come from? There is only one Source, and He is God. Whether you give Him the importance due Him or not, no one can dispute the obvious. All creation came into existence through and by Him. (I’m not talking about scientific experiments that seek to clone what God has created.)


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Frustration => Discouragement => Fear

Financially Stressed?

Frustration leads to discouragement which leads to fear. If you are working hard and unable to pay your bills, OR if your spouse is gone and you are now left with the full responsibility of all the expenses, realize this:  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I don’t mean that there are others in your situation who can synpathize with you. I mean literally, you are NOT alone. You just need to make an adjustment in your thinking about several things. THEN, you need to try something different.

Track Your Spending

Confused, worried and stressed about money? I’ve prepared an outline of DO-able steps you can do right NOW to get control of your money. To read the story, click the link below and find out “What To Do When You Don’t Have A Clue.”


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Stop Erosion Before It’s Too Late

Category : Life Lessons

Stop, Look, Listen

“Erosion is a slow and silent process and no one is immune from it. If you don’t stop yourself in a downward spiral, then last week’s wrong choice doesn’t seem so bad this week. And on and on.”

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Stop, Look, Listen — Quote and Podcast by Chuck Swindoll, Insight for Living’s LifeTrac.


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