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Your Love Relationship

Nurturing, developing and protecting your marriage should be the top priority in your life. Learn how to put everything in perspective.

The Real You

When you married, did your spouse know the REAL you? Are you finding it hard to explore your hidden dreams, for fear of causing dissention in your relationship?


Starting over after a breakup or loss of a spouse can be devastating to your finances! You may need supplemental income.

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Christmas ~ The Time for Love

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Love Is In the Air In the weeks leading up to Christmas, and as the special day draws closer, we notice a difference in attitudes of people around us. There is a warmth that comes through, even among strangers who become more polite, more patient. Two people signaling their intent to take the same parking spot,

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When Is Positive Thinking Bad?

It’s true that each person is gifted with their own abilities, strengths and talents. It is also important to have confidence in your ability. So how can this line of thinking ever be dangerous or bad? The danger (and lie) is in thinking that it is all about YOU, and that you are the creator

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Frustration => Discouragement => Fear

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Financially Stressed? Frustration leads to discouragement which leads to fear. If you are working hard and unable to pay your bills, OR if your spouse is gone and you are now left with the full responsibility of all the expenses, realize this:  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I don’t mean that there are others in your

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Stop Erosion Before It’s Too Late

Stop, Look, Listen “Erosion is a slow and silent process and no one is immune from it. If you don’t stop yourself in a downward spiral, then last week’s wrong choice doesn’t seem so bad this week. And on and on.” Click the link below, then click the recording’s start button. Stop, Look, Listen —

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Welcome to Mind Your Marriage

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This is a place where couples can find REAL and simple steps to restore and reignite their love relationship.  

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